Love your champion, you will

Once you have your choice of champions and you press the button to start your Ultimate Bravery, you cannot go back !
You have to choose the champion displayed on your screen, even if an atomic bomb is detonating next to you!


Activate your summoner spells, you will

Even if you fall on Rally / Resurrect, it is your duty to make good use throughout the game.
In addition, it is a favor you did the God of Courage : the more your summoners are bad, the more victory will be rewarding.


Max your main spell first, you will

If you want to prove that you've got balls (or ovaries if you're a girl), put all your skill points into the spell that you were assigned (Q,W or E).
Dishonor to your family if you choose another spell while your selection is available !


Buy items in the right order, you will

Having boots in the early game roxx !
Doran's are for weaklings. You must run quickly to rush into the crowd! Being first in line is your goal.
Then you must purchase the items in the order listed, always starting from the left.
If you have a stack item to last, that's even better: you will not surrender at 20 minutes.


Forget wards, you will

What is the advantage of seeing the enemy arrive?
I imagine that at night, you do not turn on the light in your home to see the obstacles. Do the same on the Fields of Justice!
If you have doubts about facechecking a bush, charge into it. You'll be set!


Prove your choices, you will

Since a courageous person does not trust anyone, you must copy / paste your "Bravery" at the beginning of each game so your teammates can verify that you were ultimately brave.

  1. available items are different depending on the map played.

  2. select champions with whom you want to play [...]

  3. [...] or choose one or more factions for thematic games ! (Demacia .vs. Noxus ?)

    tip : CTRL + click to replace your previous choices with the new selection.

  4. save your selection for later retrieval in favorites.

  5. make Ultimate Bravery fit your tastes :
    - "random lane" : you will have to stay in the given lane until the first tower has been destroyed
    - "multiple items" : you may have to buy the same item multiple times.

  6. use this bar to get masteries and summoner's spells adapted to your level.

  7. This button generate the Ultimate Bravery.
    (next step in 3 seconds, please wait)

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  9. You have to pick this champion.
    If not available, reroll your UB.

  10. Put skill points in this spell first, and set your masteries/summoners spells as indicated.

  11. You must always buy boots first, then the other items in the order, from left to right.

  12. Go to this lane and stay there until the first tower (of this lane) is destroyed.

  13. You can share your UB build as text or a link on Facebook, in-game, etc...